The Upton Family

The 2019 Kade’s Klassic Family:

  The Jillian & Lydia Upton Family from Genoa City, Wisconsin

Brent and Amanda Upton have two little girls with complex medical conditions.  Jillian is their oldest daughter who is six years old and Lydia the youngest is two years old. Both girls are unable to tolerate food by mouth which requires them to be fed through a feeding tube, placed directly into their stomachs. In addition to the digestive tract issues both girls have also struggled with oxygenation, which has required both to be on oxygen. Although this family does not have a definitive diagnosis, the doctors suspect the girl’s conditions are genetically linked. Three to four times a year Jillian will present with a perplexing set of symptoms in which many of her organs discontinue to function. A stay in the hospital is then required to monitor her organs, receive IV fluids, and help her with the loss of functional skills.

Over the past 6 years, these two girls combined, have had 13 trips into the operating room, 20 hospital admissions and over 300 appointments between 24 specialties. Aside from being a time consuming task for this family, it has been a financial burden as well.

Despite their medical journey, Jillian and Lydia are very happy little girls. You can often find Jillian wheeling around Target in her wheelchair, which she uses when her muscles are too tired. Lydia can often be seen dancing and singing wherever she may be.

This family is known as a family who gives back and helps others with medical needs. The Kade’s Klassic Family feels it is now time something is done for them

Brent and Amanda Upton with Lydia (left) and Jillian (right).

Brent and Amanda Upton with Lydia (left) and Jillian (right).